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KashWay loan info:

1. Loan Amount: 500 Ksh ~ 60,000 Ksh

2. Loan Term: the shortest tenor is 91 days, the longest is 180 days

3. APR: Min.30% - Max.72%

4. Loan request: Need to be at least 18 years old or above


If the RECEIVED loan amount is 4920 Ksh, the loan term is 180days, and APR is 44%, the total service fee should be 4920 Ksh * 44%/2 = 1080Ksh.

The total amount must be paid: 4920+4920* 44%/2=KES6000

For one-time repayment: Pay KES6000 after 180 days.

For monthly repayment: your monthly repayment amount will be KES6000/6 = KES1000

Loan principal: KES4920 (180 days)

Loan fee(total fee of the loan): KES1080 (22% rate)

Total amount payable: KES6000

APR: 44%